The Site

Bank Arch Guildwood Park, or The Guild as it is also called, is located in Scarborough ON, and sits on the edge of the Bluffs.

The park contains over 70 architectural fragments and edifices collected by Rosa and Spencer Clark, an ambitious, visionary team who sponsored and supported an artists guild, inn and sculpture garden at the turn of the last century. The fragments range from the longest-standing surveyor’s log cabin in Ontario to a neo-Grecian amphitheater. Sitting on the edge of the Scarborough Bluffs, the park materializes the cultivated order of an English country garden, pushing up against the untamable water and rock of its natural surroundings.

The unexpected juxtaposition of elements on the site asks us to reflect upon who occupied this land originally, who lives here now, and how a history of encounter between people informs this place. For us, the word encounter evokes an ongoing process of culture-making that has no end goal. Restless Precinct asks participants to consider how culture grows out of intersections and collisions between different perspectives.  Exploring the complexity of Scarborough’s landscape and past, the exhibition proposes a model for diversity that celebrates communication across difference. At the heart of the project rests the question, “how can we manifest a new and inclusive future”?




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